The Book

The book discusses popular perceptions of unfairness in society. It explains what is unfair or perhaps what unfairness is. 

It is also a scientific study of economic and political institutions, mechanisms and their ends.

How is unfairness being dealt with? how is it understood and how it might be caused and perpetuated?

This book also discusses a remedy.


Poverty: "A hellish state to be in. It is no virtue. It is a crime. To be poor, is to be hungry without possible hope of food ... to be poor is to be a fit subject for crime ... The hungry man steals ... To him there is no other course but sin ... That is the way of poverty. 

No one wants to be poor". 

(Marcus Garvey - Philosophy & Opinions of)

"The only thing that permits us to acquiesce in an erroneous theory is the lack of a better one".

(John Rawls - A Theory of Justice)

"So act that you use humanity ... as an end, never merely as a means".

(Immanuel Kant - Metaphysics of Morals)


"He who saves a fellow creature from drowning does what is morally right, whether his motive be duty, or the hope of being paid for his trouble".

(John Stuart Mill - On Liberty)

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The book explains economic and political institutions, their mechanisms, aims and outcomes and asks whether these institutions are working as society intends.

If you think economics is complicated, think again. Pre order the book.

This book is not ...

A list of everything unfair. A left wing manifesto. An apology for the free market. Blame. Another self help book. Hippie nonsense. Cynicism.  Sarcasm. Complicated. Vain. Boring.

The book is ...

The book is about the answer.

It is not which answer is correct but rather the fact that there is a correct answer.

"So act that you use humanity ... as an end, never merely as a means". (Immanuel Kant - Metaphysics of Morals)

More ...


The book is a fun simplification. It is also a critique of current political and economic institutions as discussed and defined by "Justice as Fairness" in John Rawls' book A Theory of Justice. It examines problems discovered by Kenneth Arrow and the Marquis de Condorcet.

Adam Smith did not dare to suggest what the minimum level of disadvantage might be. However "Justice as Fairness" and such as the "Difference Principal" may enshrine disadvantage.

I'll explain ... please donate and buy the book.

The Author

Gerard Shryane born 1981 in Salford, Manchester. Background in Economics and Philosophy. Work experience: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Railway Worker, Furniture Repair, Photographer, Sales, Driver, Digger Driver, Fast Food, Advertising, Landscape Gardening, Concreting ... I can't weld :(

I prefer not to work, (don't we all) I like mountains, trees, birds, rivers and the rest. What is work to me?

I have given up my job to write this book. Why? Because I would like to explain everything I have learned about the way we live. Why shouldn't the average person understand these things? Can I help empower people?  ... We will see.