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Your donations will help support the author during publishing. 

The minimum crowdfunder target of £14,625 reflects the national minimum wage of £7.50 per hour over 37.5 hours per week over 52 weeks. It's not a lot but it will just about cover it.

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Out March 2018
The book is a simple explanation of why unfairness exists and persists in free market nations.
Using logic the book sheds light on our institutions and offers interesting new perspectives and possible solutions.


The project intends to raise awareness of the book through social media and promotional talks.
The value of the book and the project will be discussed and analysed.
The project intends to provide a practical and philosophical discussion of individual freedom in today's United Kingdom.


It is not reckless to give up work to write a book. Someone now has my old job and someone else theirs and so on until one unemployed person is now employed.

Have I swapped with the unemployed man?

No. He was disadvantaged in society while I was advantaged. 

My own disadvantage is dependant on myself ... and you!


Will you support the author, and by how much? Each book you buy will raise UK GDP in 2018 by 1 product and £12.89+pp per book sold.

"So act according to that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it become a universal law" (Immanuel Kant).

I have quit my job in analytics in order to write this book. 

Too many of us want an end to poverty.

What society are we building? 

Can we build a better one?